Posun vpravo
Posun vlevo


Only photographs now record the dismal condition of the castle before the start of its major reconstruction. We will include some of them for you here. The city administration’s decision, overseen by Major Ladislav Chlupáč, was crucial for the rescue of the historical site.

In 2006, the city, as the owner of the castle site, prepared a project for its use as a multi-purpose centre with a focus on presentation of the history and present of the Czech wine industry and boosting of tourism in the region. In relation to this, in 2007 PhDr. František Gabriel and Mgr. Ivan Peřina carried out new construction- related historical research at the site and added to the findings of J. Muk about new observation in the palace, and they entirely newly evaluated the adjacent building with house number 68.

Upon entry to the premises, it is necessary to realise that from the original Gothic palace, centuries have left behind only the perimeter walls. As the main access point in the spirit of the original design, the south entrance with a gate from the courtyard from Tyršové square was restored. 

Of the historic premises, today only the cellars and basement have been preserved, with a separate entrance from the north from Na Valech Street. The other premises have been newly created and have very little to do with the original design. The dominant feature of the interior is the conference hall, and the rest of the interior is occupied by its exhibition areas and other sections. The reconstruction has included work at the premises with house No. 68 adjacent to the west barrier wall and modification of the courtyard. During construction work, there have been several archaeological findings, which have shed light on so far unknown parts of history and the form of the castle. For example, a partially preserved older Gothic gate was discovered below the existing Gothic entrance gate to the castle, stairs with cellars leading below the courtyard, remains of two older palaces in the courtyard, the body of the west round tower, waste ditches and more. Restoration work (for example, on the entrance gate, the castle chapel, and the plastering of the original brickwork) has been an integral part of the reconstruction of the castle.

For the interior of the castle above the cellar Baroque and Classicist areas, a new steel structure with an iron-reinforced concrete lift (installation) shaft and floors was proposed. The truss and the roof from the late 1980s have been preserved and warmed. The entire premises are heated with a thermal pump, and to enable its operation two holes were drilled in the north and south sides (deepened well in the courtyard).
Investor: City of Litoměřice (represented by Mgr. Ladislav Chlupáč)