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This former Gothic castle is the pearl of the royal city of Litoměřice. It is located directly in the town’s historic centre, just a few dozen metres form the square named Mírové náměstí. This extensively reconstructed site originating from the 13th century was ceremoniously opened of 4 March 2011. This was made possible by a grant from the Northwest Regional Operational Programme. Litoměřice received CZK 137.8 milion from it for the project, and approximately 28 milion was contributed from the city’s own resources.

  • At the heart of the castle there is a modern exhibit, which is a tourist attraction for lovers of good wine as well as others.
  • Visitors can also visit the wine tasting areas with original cobblestones and vaulted ceiling corresponding to the cellar areas in which the wine archive is stored.
  • Thanks to the castle, the city of Litoměřice is becoming a centre for conference tourism. This is made possible by the modernly equipped conference facility with preserved Gothic artefacts.
  • The foyer is architecturally interesting; it is used as an exhibit site, among other uses.
  • There are also attractive spaces in the lounge connected to the historic chapel from the 14th century, in which according to historical records even King Charles IV prayed.
  • The castle is operated by the Litoměřice Tourism Centre, a contributory organisation managed by the city. It includes a Destination Agency for the Central Bohemian Uplands.

The castle also includes a stylish wine bar with an entrance from Na Valech Street.

The fact that the site is extraordinary due to its character is even evidenced by the words of former president Václav Klaus, who visited the castle on 18 November 2011 during his visit to the Ústí nad Labem Region. “I have seen a dramatically and magically reconstructed historical site. I must admit that I could not have anticipated such rational use of the spaces of an aging castle. Litoměřice is a fascinating city, which in recent years has undergone dramatic development,” the president said, not hiding his admiration.


Thanks to its modern conference facility, Litoměřice Castle is also becoming known as a centre of conference tourism. This is made possible by the modernly equipped conference facility for 180 people with preserved Gothic artefacts and an interesting view of the ceiling. The premises, which are also accessible for disabled people, are dominated by the Gothic windows. The attractive premises enable holding of conventions, conferences, trade fairs, exhibits, company events, receptions, banquets, concerts and even wedding and fashion shoots. The Tourism Centre also holds balls there. The facility contains all necessary modern technology (a screen, a projector, interpreters’ cabins, video conferencing equipment, etc.). The site also has free WiFi. The facility’s maximum capacity is 180 people. The varied furniture enables a number of options for holding sessions. A podium 3,9 x 3m is available. If the capacity of the representative spaces is not sufficient, organisers can also use the services of the neighbouring house of culture with a capacity of 660 places. The castle is connected to the house of culture, where, for example, a meeting EU transport ministers was held.


The attractive spaces in the lounge are connected to the historic royal family chapel from the 14th century, in which according to historical records even Holy Ronan Emperor and Bohemian King Charles IV prayed. It was discovered by chance during the reconstruction of the castle, like the historic cellar and the entrance gate to the castle.

The lounge has a capacity of 11 places for sitting at a shared table and five places located in the gallery. Due to its character, it is suitable for more prestigious meetings. For example, discussions have been held here by defence ministers from the Visegrad Four.

However, the lounge is used for various purposes, such as presentations, consultations, training and meetings of the administrative board of the Destination Agency for the Czech Uplands and for instruction of MBA students.

The lounge is equipped with projection equipment, a screen and WiFi. The rented facility also includes a kitchen, where coffee and refreshments can be prepared. The room is equipped with atypical furniture. The oak chars resemble wine barrels.


The wine tasting area of the castle is one of the most beautiful parts of the historic sit due to its unique interior. Therefore, it is not surprising that supervise Czech wine tasting events are becoming increasingly popular here and becoming a social and cultural activity for many guests. Since the room only has capacity for thirty people, it tends to be full, and so reservations are recommended. During the approximately two-hour long wine tasting event with expert explanations, guests attending the event have the opportunity to taste around fifteen samples of wines from the presented wine production areas. Tasted wines have included wines from Žernoseky, Litoměřice, Roudnice and Mělník and products from other wine producing areas not only in the Czech Republic. An event featuring tasting of Italian small-scale produced wines was very successful, for example. The events have newly included comparative tasting. Visitors’ taste buds are served delicacies of one type of wine, but originating from different wine producing regions.

The wine tasting room can be rented. So can the racks for wine located in the cellar. An archive rack can hold up to 200 bottles of wine. The cellar areas have a year-round temperature of between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Near the tasting room, there is the castle wine bar, which is an integral part of the castle. It offers 28 seats and even the option of sitting in the pleasant front garden in the summer.