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At the heart of the castle there is a modern exhibit called Journey to Wine, which is a tourist attraction for lovers of good wine as well as others. It is located on the 5th floor of the castle. It takes up an area of approximately 150 square metres. The story line is like a “journey”. It has a main direction, its main milestones and corners, but it also allows turns that accompany each topic. The direction of the path is marked on the floor with different colours. The exposition is an overview of wine making, from ancient history, including Greece and Rome, to the Middle Ages, modern times and wine making in the 20th and 21st centuries. It enables visitors to get to know wine production in Bohemia from many different angles. In an interesting manner, it familiarises visitors with the development of wine making In relation to different eras, which production equipment, such as presses, mills, seed removers, blown glass straws, thermometers, etc. The direction of the path is labelled in different colours on the floor.  Interactive presentation means are used there, as well as audio-visual games and projections, mechanical 3D models and functional objects. Effective parts of the presentation include large-format photographs and stories from King Charles IV (in 2D displaying) about local wines. The tours are enhanced by knowledge games and ancient tools used in wine making. There are also descriptions written in Braille. The final part of the exhibit is lined along the entire perimeter of the conference facility. Each of the nine represented wine producing areas present their own products. The background of the walls captures the production process in a graphically attractive form. Differences in the procedures for the production of white and red wine are described, along with explanation of “barique” ripening and wine storage.